The Ambridge plinth occupies the village DIY set. James confronts Matt.

Radio Times: Joe and Jim get creative.

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  • Lilian and James enjoy a swim in the Home Farm pool. Lilian tells James about Brenda’s engagement; both are disparaging about her. James wants to know whether Lilian will have Matt back if he goes to prison. Sadly, Lilian wonders if he’d want her back.
  • Jim and Joe enjoy an afternoon of DIY. Jim has tried to make a toga out of Daniel’s old duvet cover, but it looks as though Shula will have to finish it. Joe, meanwhile, works on his exhibit for the plinth. Jim practises his Latin oration – Cato’s treatise on cabbages. They round off their afternoon by stealing Clarrie’s cakes, baked specially for the fete.
  • Nigel broadcasts on Radio Borsetshire, to the plaudits of Ambridge. He and David then get on with making the plinth. Nigel is going to be busy on the day, demonstrating the bellringing simulator and bringing his shire horse to the fete.
  • Lilian bids a sad farewell to James. He drives off, but not straight to London. Instead he hammers on the door of the Dower House, and when Matt opens it, he is treated to a verbal blast from James: he hopes Matt will go to prison for a long time. Meanwhile he is to leave Lilian alone, and clear out of Ambridge.

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