Vicky springs a surprise on Mike. Brenda makes an effort for Mike. Roy finds a suit for Mike.

Radio Times: Mike and Vicky get down to details.

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  • Vicky’s going to choose her going-away outfit while Mike and Roy are to try on suits. She stuns Mike by saying she’s arranged to drop down to two days a week at the surgery; then she wants him to look at his and her rings.
  • Neil’s fed up. He spent a whole afternoon showing a butcher round his pig enterprise, and now has been told the butcher doesn’t want his weaners. Susan tries to be optimistic, and manages some snide comments about Vicky’s taste in rings – and what Betty would have thought of it all.
  • Pat asks Brenda if she’d be willing to give some occasional help with marketing the Bridge Farm brand now that she’s family, and that’s the image they want to present. Brenda’s delighted. She sounds off to Pat about Vicky’s taste in both wedding outfits and breakfast crockery; Pat gently reminds her that Vicky is probably very good for Mike.
  • Roy takes pity on Brenda’s low income status, and pays more than his share of the wedding present. He doesn’t make her feel any better when he tells her James Bellamy is staying at Grey Gables. When Brenda starts to criticise Vicky and her taste yet again, Roy takes her to task; she has no right to upset Mike.
  • Mike and Roy find suits, though Mike seems to have gone up a size since he last bought one. He’s pleased with it – and even more pleased when a rather chastened Brenda tells him she’ll read a poem at the wedding.

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