The big Wedding Party is planned for two weeks today.

Radio Times: Jennifer’s anxieties increase and David and Brian compare notes.

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  • Lynda’s plans are well ahead for the Millennium wood picnic. She’s ordered some saplings and is hoping everyone will be there though Kathy isn’t so sure. Jennifer is still making it clear to everyone who will listen that she disapproves of Alice’s marriage.
  • Brian is enjoying his work on the plans for the new market. He’s now regularly meeting Annabelle at the newly appeared Perivale Garden Centre. He is also pleased with Alice and Christopher. They seem genuinely happy. He is trying to count his blessings. One thing on Jennifer’s mind is that Christopher will stay in the holiday cottage when Alice goes back to university.
  • Jennifer continues to make things difficult for Alice, complaining about Christopher at breakfast, demanding she works on the riding course, wanting her at farmers’ markets etc. Alice, however, thanks Jennifer so much for her “plans” for the wedding party. She assumes that she and Susan have planned it together. Jennifer is very uncomfortable but perks up when she hears Debbie is planning to come.
  • Brian tries to make the best of the idea of a party. And the more people Alice invites, the more the Horrobin crowd will be diluted. It’s going to be 2 weeks today. Brian tells her it will be easy to organise. Jennifer is less than convinced.
  • Pip is back to helping David on the farm – for a fee. She’s not so thrilled about Alice and Christopher though. Last thing she needs is tales of the US from a loved up couple.
  • Kathy continues her vendetta against Kenton, saying she doesn’t care if he stays out all night or not.

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