The Elms homeless project is in trouble with its Christmas dinner. Christopher is suddenly showing a remarkable interest in the flat over the shop.

Radio Times: Chris goes on a quest for perfection.

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  • David and Ruth are sending Herefords to slaughter for the Christmas market. In the meantime things are looking less Christmassy at the Elms, the Borchester Homelessness project. It looks like the treasurer has made a real mess of the funds so there may be no Christmas dinner this year. Ruth and David decide to give a bit of a hand by providing some beef. But it will need a Christmas miracle to get it off the ground.
  • Neil is still getting the flat ready for renting and Christopher seems to be getting more involved. Maybe things are cooling off with Alice. Christopher seems determined to get the best fittings for the bathroom though…. And then he announces he is going down to Southampton to stay with Alice overnight so maybe they need not have worried after all.

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