Tom gets talked into making ham at Home Farm. Peggy solves Christmas by inviting everyone to Grey Gables.

Radio Times: Peggy gets into the festive spirit.

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  • Peggy is starting her Christmas shopping but Jennifer is still fussing around her. And she and Lilian are still squabbling about who is hosting the family Christmas lunch. Turns out it’s because Lilian doesn’t want to go to Stephen Chalkman’s for Christmas and sees inviting the family as an excuse.
  • Jennifer and Brian aren’t happy about Alice seeing so much of Christopher, and Brian isn’t much happier about Debbie being involved with someone called Marshall.
  • Ian and Jack have a good morning though it’s a bit tricky finding topics of conversation until they hit on talking about Christmas at Grey Gables. And that’s when Peggy finds the Christmas lunch at Grey Gables as a treat.
  • Tom’s first batch of bacon impresses Brian but there is a snag. It will be harder to shift the legs from the bigger pigs. So Tom finds himself talked into cooking them for ham.

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