The family struggles to come to terms with Nigel’s tragic death

Radio Times: The news spreads through Ambridge, and Pat and Tony are left with a dilemma.

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  • Shula calls at Bridge Farm, and understandably Tony thinks she has come to congratulate the new grandparents. But Shula has some dreadful news to impart; Nigel is dead.
  • Jill is doing her best to care for Elizabeth and the children, but no-one feels like eating. Kenton has taken Freddie and Lily out, but Elizabeth is in deep shock. David informs Nigel’s family and Alan.
  • David’s distress lies mainly in the fact that he tried to save Nigel, but it all happened so fast that he stood no chance. Elizabeth saw his body, and refused to leave it. Fortunately the children were with Kenton and Jill, but Elizabeth had to break the news to them.
  • The police have to interview those directly involved, but are very kind and sensitive to the family’s distress. There will be a Post Mortem on Wednesday, and the Inquest will be opened and adjourned at the same time.
  • Pat and Tony go to visit Helen, who is full of news about her baby, and radiantly happy. Gently, Pat breaks the news to her. Helen can only share their grief and shock.

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