Ambridge welcomes Henry Ian Archer. Nigel falls from the roof of Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: The soap celebrates its 60th anniversary with a thrilling double episode. Events unfold which will shake Ambridge to the core.

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  • The Lower Loxley party gets under way with Kenton in charge of entertaining the children. Tony is not happy about coming, knowing that Helen won’t speak to him. Pat, still missing the point as to the source of the rift, urges Tony to make a new start with his daughter. Later Tony tells Tom that he feels he has lost two children; John and Helen.
  • Helen feels tired and puts her feet up. Amy asks how she is feeling, and Helen admits to having a headache. Amy takes a look at her, recognises the signs of pre-eclampsia and tells Helen she must go to hospital immediately. Pat, Tony, Tom and Amy go with her. At the hospital, the medical staff tell Helen she must have an immediate Caesarean. Without it, both she and the baby could die.
  • The remnant at Lower Loxley are in no mood for further festivities as they await news of Helen. Nigel asks David if he will help to take the rooftop banner down. David is none too keen as it is getting dark and the wind is rising, but eventually agrees to help.
  • At the hospital Helen gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. Pat was with her throughout, and is overcome with emotion. She tells Tony Helen wants to see him. When Tony sees little Henry Ian, he too is overcome, and is at last able to tell Helen how much he has always loved her.
  • When the news of Henry’s safe arrival reaches Lower Loxley, Nigel calls for Champagne. But first he and David must retrieve the banner. With a rising wind and Kenton’s tight knots, it is no easy matter. They battle with it, but Nigel, despite David’s frantic intervention, falls from the roof.

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