Year 2010

The death of Phil Archer marks the end of an Ambridge era but new life is on the way as Helen decides to enter single-motherhood, to the consternation of her father. The Brookfield Archers experience the joys of teenage children with love-sick Pip eventually being dumped over the phone and Josh being caught in the act of tagging with Jamie; in the wake of his father’s death, Jamie gets into lots more trouble, his problems exacerbated by Kenton’s split from Kathy. Of course Sid’s death weighs most heavily on Jolene, who is finding life in Ambridge very difficult now, though newcomer Harry is most helpful and has made a big impression on Fallon too. Alice and Christopher marry in secret and Kate returns to wreak havoc in her usual fashion. Matt, released from prison, loses no time in putting one over on his ‘friends’ at Borchester Land.