Fallon confides in Brenda about her feelings towards Harry.

Radio Times: Tom tries to intervene and Nigel springs a surprise.

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  • It’s a busy day for Tom, though he wants to find time to try to repair the family breach if he can. Brenda is pleased that he wants to try but she thinks Tony and Helen are stuck and nobody will budge them.
  • Nigel is busy too, making up some lost time. Elizabeth is impressed and sorry that she sulked over the panto; it was really good. When Nigel announces that he needs to pop out, she cannot resist teasing him a bit.
  • Having been stood up by Tom, Brenda has invited Fallon for lunch. She wants the hot news on Fallon and Harry. Alas there is none: Fallon really likes him and after the first kiss, thought this could be the start of something. Though she has made a big effort to encourage the romance, Harry has not responded. She thinks she must have got it wrong. He just wants to be mates. It’s too embarrassing.
  • While working with his father Tom suggests that he and mum also go to The Bull. Tony declines: mum will be too busy with the party food – a bit of a lame excuse, because Brenda is doing the puddings.
  • At Lower Loxley, Lizzie is looking stunning in a dress that Nigel especially asked her to wear, though she thinks it a little plain. Quite! It needs a brooch. When Nigel reveals the events of the last week, Lizzie understands his mysterious absences.
  • One more try! When Tom and Brenda drive into the yard at Bridge Farm they find Tony trying to repair the small tractor – after a long day and on New Year’s Eve too! Tom persuades his father to leave it and give Bert a call tomorrow, but he cannot persuade him to come to the pub.

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