The Echo carries a glowing review of the panto; Lynda triumphs again.

Radio Times: Elizabeth is feeling under pressure and Joe plans a new enterprise.

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  • The Echo is published and Lynda is relieved to find that Tristram’s review is glowing, though maybe she could have done without being described as a ‘veteran director’. She can’t believe that Coriander and family are leaving today; the time has flown. Coriander assures her they will come again soon.
  • Nigel’s phone call reveals that all is well with the brooch repair and the jeweller, having read The Echo, wants panto tickets. Elizabeth overhears the tail end of the conversation and is very sarcastic; Nigel had better get some work done. When she sees the panto this evening, Nigel hopes she will agree that it has been worthwhile.
  • Joe emerges from the village shop with a flea in his ear: Susan will not have his mistletoe on the TEA table. Coriander is a willing customer but alas she only has real money; will that be a problem, Joe? As well as a sale, she unwittingly gives Joe an idea.
  • Jazzer and Eddie have also read the panto review but are not sure whether the author is being complimentary or not. Joe has front seats again tonight: he has promised to keep seats for Emma and George, as he did last night for Nic’s children; this time he will have Elizabeth for company. Before that he has time to share his new idea with Eddie – grow your own mistletoe!
  • At the end of the panto, Elizabeth cheers louder than anyone. It seems likely that Nigel will be forgiven, even in advance of tomorrow’s surprise gift.

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