The Grundys settle in at Brookfield. Lilian can’t settle to anything. Ed settles for avoiding his brother.

Radio Times: Eddie does what he does best.

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  • Eddie’s in his element at Brookfield, as he tells Joe how to feed the calves. Joe grumbles about modern methods, but he’s enjoying it as much as Eddie. Clarrie’s enjoying it even more, with an Aga and a dishwasher at her disposal.
  • Jennifer calls at the Dower House to find Lilian asleep on the sofa. She’s had a bad night, and seems to be hitting the gin bottle. Jennifer wants to swap her days helping Peggy, because it’s Ruairidh’s half term, but she can’t get Lilian to concentrate on what she’s saying. All Lilian can think about is the trial.
  • Ed calls at Brookfield, and tells Eddie what a worry it is not being on the spot at Grange Farm. Eddie’s got two cows about to calve, but at least he’s on hand. Clarrie wants Ed to come to dinner at Brookfield, but he can’t; he and Mike are off to look at some Guernseys in Wales – hopefully without Vicky this time. Then Will arrives, and Ed makes it very clear he doesn’t want another encounter.

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