Matt reveals to Lilian that he has lied to the SFO.

Radio Times: The truth comes out for Matt and Lilian.

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  • Matt is late back and Lilian is worried; he claims that he must go to the bank but Lilian fears a high-speed motorway ‘fix’.
  • At Brookfield, David is delivering last minute instructions to Eddie – and Joe, an unexpected additional pleasure. When they finally leave, it is all that Ruth can do to dissuade David from ringing Adam just to check that he will be calling to keep an eye on things. Get packing, David!
  • His dinner is spoilt by the time Matt finally returns. Lilian eventually gets out of him what is worrying him about Chalkie, what he might say in the witness box. Matt has lied to the SFO. He did not disclose £250K of assets that he salted away off-shore, away from the clutches of his ex-wife. He boasted about it to Chalkie at the time but they had both had a lot to drink, so he doesn’t know whether it registered. Will Chalkie reveal it in court? He does not need Lilian to tell him what a fool he is but he declines her advice to come clean now. He does, however, admit that he cannot get through the ordeal ahead without her.

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