Pat discovers that shop closure plans are more advanced than she thought.

Radio Times: Jack and Peggy get a glimpse of the future.

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  • While visiting Elizabeth, Lynda takes the opportunity to broach the subject of the village shop but Elizabeth knows nothing.
  • The one person who might know is Peggy but she is pre-occupied with Jack, though Pat wants to talk to her about it. She has to sort out her finances and her head tells her to close the shop even though her heart tells her to keep it open. She needs space to think.
  • A shoot is in progress and a slightly critical comment from Brian about the number of birds evokes an irritated response from Will, claiming lack of support. The explanation demanded by Brian reveals Will’s dissatisfaction about BL renting land to Ed; he wanted it as feeding ground for the birds, especially wild partridges. Brian puts him in his place; he will just have to accept that the land is being rented to his brother.
  • Elizabeth is surprised to find that Lynda is not organising a pantomime this year; she wants to be on hand to help with baby Oscar.
  • Jack and Peggy are visiting The Laurels, to check that Jack likes it. She is determined to wait for a place there.
  • At the end of shoot, Brian reports that the guests enjoyed it, though Will is clearly still smarting from Brian’s earlier criticism. Mercifully, further discussion is interrupted by Pat, looking for Jennifer to talk about the shop. Brian makes the observation that if so many people are concerned, they should use the shop more. Pat is appalled to find that Brian is steaming ahead with a plan to convert it to another flat. There must be something they can do to save it.

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