Still no brotherly love between Will and Ed.

Radio Times: Old habits die hard for Ed and Will.

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  • Leon is early: Helen is not yet home from work. So he is treated to an in-depth account of Annette’s love life, to which he lends a sympathetic ear.
  • There is much coming and going at Keeper’s Cottage. Clarrie is busy packing for their week at Brookfield: she will not have time to keep popping back to keep Eddie in underpants so he must take with him what he needs. Ed is visiting and, oh deep-joy, so is Will; in his typical ray-of-sunshine manner, Will has a whinge over Ed indoctrinating George about becoming a farmer when he grows up. He is also pretty miffed that BL have agreed to rent land to Ed, especially land that he had his eye on for the game, and does his best to rain on Ed’s parade by telling him that it’s only because BL need to improve their image that they agreed to rent it to him.
  • Having broken up the argument, Clarrie encourages Ed to ignore Will’s jibes; it would be better not to react. She wonders whether they should have made less of Ed’s new status as the tenant of Grange Farm but Eddie insists that it’s the best news they have had for ages. Clarrie had high hopes to use the spacious Brookfield farmhouse for a Grundy family dinner but that seems rather unlikely in view of Will’s behaviour today.

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