The Jumble sale is a great success; Kathy and Clarrie experience one or Eddie’s dodgy videos; Siobhán tells Tim she does not regret her affair

Radio Times: A disappointment for Clarrie

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  • The Jumble sale is progressing well, and Caroline’s idea about the antiques has paid off with the ‘find’ of a Susie Cooper bowl and a ‘Chalet School’ hardback complete with dustjacket, hopefully they’ll fetch a good price. Peggy of course has the affair well organised, not even Julia’s last minute arrival with a mountain of cast-offs puts her off her stride. Julia of course has firm ideas about a pricing structure – unsurprisingly way too high for a village jumble sale. However there is a lovely forties evening dress which Caroline makes a beeline for, and gets. George’s badger (unbeknowingly donated by him through Chris), actually stays in the family. Alice takes it back to Home Farm!
  • Kathy and Clarrie, having a girls’ night in at Keeper’s cottage decide to monitor Eddie’s videos. Mel Gibson in ‘Braveheart’ is just the thing to get Clarrie’s pulse racing. Unfortunately, as always, she’s disappointed. The video – having been touched by Eddie’s Midas hand is true to form when it changes halfway through – to some steamy scenes from ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Thank goodness Jo’s next door babysitting!
  • At Honeysuckle Cottage, all is definitely not honey. In fact the atmosphere is frigid to say the least, Tim and Siobhán are barely being polite to each other and its obvious that things have a long way to go. Her inability to even say sorry has him wondering ……… but she can’t, she does not regret the affair.

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