Janet is struggling to suppress her feelings for Tim but suppress them she must.

Radio Times: Jill’s worried about Janet.

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  • In the church Janet’s early morning thoughts are disturbed by Jill coming to do the brasses. Jill loves the peacefulness and beauty of the church at this time of day, but remarks on Janet’s obvious introspection. She feels guilty for distracting her – Janet’s looking peaky, maybe see should go and see Tim?
  • Alistair, attending an ewe at Brookfield reassures Ruth about the lambing, even though the sheds are full to bursting. Trouble is, there’s nowhere dry to put the overflow. He’s off to the hospital to pick Daniel up soon and Ruth is sympathetic and admiring of their courage over the last few days. He is very grateful of the support they’ve received from family, Chris and Jill in particular.
  • Jill has not forgotten any of her old skills in the lambing shed and has been roped in to help David on her way into the farm. There seem to be lambs without mothers and mothers without lambs, but all is dealt with calmly.
  • Shula and Alistair are back at the stables, Daniel has been settled to sleep and Shula is going to attack the muckheap before getting him some lunch ( it’s to be hoped she’ll remember to wash her hands first!) Alistair met up with a glum Fallon earlier and, surprisingly, is in favour of letting Dross practise at the stables. He doesn’t think the noise will affect the horses – they may even like it! Shula isnt sure.
  • Janet has called to see Daniel and its evident that things aren’t going well for her. She confides in Shula that she ran into Tim this morning. She feels powerless to help him, and is obviously just as deeply attracted to him as ever. Maybe she should stop her counselling sessions at the surgery. When Jill arrives she makes a hasty exit.
  • David finds Ruth sanding down the woodwork in the ‘Nursery in progress’. She loves the yellow wallpaper but it will be nice when all four walls match! She’s seen Usha and made plans to get her hair cut in Borchester later in the week, maybe it’ll be her last chance before the round of nappies and sleepless nights start. Slightly alarmed, David makes her promise to be careful and to take her mobile with her.

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