Tom reaches 21 and remembers his big brother.

Radio Times: Birthday memories.

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  • Helen and Greg are getting ready for her clay-pigeon shooting session and she’s very excited but in a hurry; as well as work she must go and pick up Tom’s birthday present. Greg reminisces about his own 21st, which passed in a beery blur, but Helen tells him that today is a difficult day – it’s the third anniversary of John’s death.
  • Pat has made Tom a huge sandwich, which is all he’s getting for lunch, but he’s promised a good feed later on. Peggy arrives with a card and a much welcome cheque. She’s also collecting all of the jumble and taking it to the village hall for sorting. Caroline has suggested they get in an antiques dealer friend to cast his eye over the bric-a-brac before the public get there, just in case anything really valuable turns up. All in all the jumble sale committee seem to be well ahead of the game!
  • Jolene is trying to persuade Sid to get on and phone Lucy with the news of their engagement but he is more than a little nervous of her reaction. Kathy calls to ask if Sid can baby-sit tomorrow night. He can’t oblige, maybe Jolene?? … No, Kathy will make other arrangements.
  • Greg is very complimentary about Helen’s potential as a shot and she’s cock-a-hoop. Wait till she tells Tom!
  • Peggy has made a start on the jumble when Kathy arrives to help, late and harassed. She confides to Peggy just how difficult she is finding being a single parent and that she’ll have to find babysitting fees on top of the cost of the dinner club. She never thought she’d find herself in this position.
  • Sid and Jolene are happy and relieved that Lucy has taken the news so well and celebrate with a very public kiss. Sid is so happy he even stands Tom, and Helen and Greg, a drink on the house (though I thought Tony had put money over the bar?) The family are there in force and Peggy and Pat are discussing Daniel, who seems to have turned corner and will be out of hospital tomorrow. Peggy’s glad though that the jumble’s sorted – Kathy was a great help but Peggy is sad about her difficulty in finding ‘new friends’.
  • As the family gather Peggy proposes a toast to her precious grandson on his 21st – a very special day, though a difficult one for them all. Tom counters with his own toast … ‘To John’.

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