The man from The Echo continues to dig for a story about the vicar and the Hindu.

Radio Times: Kathy finds a new direction.

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  • Susan is getting it from Hayley, who got it from Mike, who got it from Bert, who got it, straight from the horses mouth so to speak, from David – Matt Crawford is now involved in the bio-digester project. Susan is even less happy about it than before.
  • Kathy bumps into Matt at Grey Gables and he leaks the news that she has been offered the golf club job; the letter is in the post. Roy cannot help noticing Kathy’s bright mood and is told the news – in strictest confidence of course.
  • Susan does not have to wait long for a pop at Matt, and their conversation is witnessed by Ross, The Echo reporter. He is not really interested – and anyway Matt gave little away – but he wants to know Susan’s opinion about the vicar’s forthcoming marriage.
  • Hayley and Roy are excited: Abbie continues to do well and they will be able to take her home on Friday. Of course, Roy cannot contain the news of Kathy’s new job.
  • Back in the shop, empty now but for Susan and Ross, pausing only to check that her anonymity will be preserved, Susan provides Ross with just what he wants: the views of a parishioner who has nothing against either of the couple but thinks that marriage to a Hindu is inappropriate. She does not think that Usha will make a good vicar’s wife. Why bother with anonymity – these views have Susan Carter written all over them. Ross laps it up.
  • Kathy calls on Hayley for a chat, principally about the new job, which Hayley has already heard from Roy. Kathy confesses that she is not looking forward to telling Nigel and Elizabeth and hopes they will be understanding.

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