The strain is showing in William. The press takes an interest in Alan and Usha.

Radio Times: Alan and Usha find themselves in the spotlight.

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  • Alan and Usha encounter Clarrie as they clear up after the service and explain their wedding plans, in particular that the service will include Hindu prayers, something for everyone. Clarrie declares that she is very happy for them both.
  • Over a beer, William explains to Eddie his problems with George – he is missing Jake. It has been a bad morning; when Ed arrives and suggests a game of football with George, William blows his top. The result is that Ed storms off to The Bull; he won’t be in for lunch.
  • Usha is a little concerned that Clarrie disapproves of their marriage but Alan does not share this concern. No one has mentioned it to him other than to congratulate him. Usha has work to do at home and misses a visit from Ross Adams, a reporter from The Echo. It is a bold step that Alan is taking and he wants to write a small human interest story about it. Alan sends him away with a flea in his ear; their marriage plans are part of their private lives.
  • Clarrie soon discerns that something is amiss but William’s explanation is quite unfair, attributing al of the blame for the incident to Ed and none to himself.
  • Alan reports to Usha his encounter with the press. He doesn’t think he will bother them again.
  • Clarrie has persuaded William to bring George to the churchyard where she is tidying up the daffs. When the reporter comes by and asks her opinion of the wedding, she tells him that they are both lovely people and she wishes them well – and recommends that he has the decency to keep his nose out of other people’s lives. Some hope!

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