Lynda makes her suspicions clear. Will turns to his mum for sympathy. Pat and Clarrie look to the future.

Radio Times: Will finds out who his friends are.

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  • Pat’s returned from Stroud full of enthusiasm for the transition village idea. She’s already got the Stirlings and Nigel on side, and intends to make Ambridge Borsetshire’s first transition village.
  • Clarrie is upset at the level of village gossip surrounding Alan and Usha, and, of course, Will. When Kathy appears at the dairy to see Pat, Clarrie’s glad to take herself off for a few minutes.
  • Kathy’s interview has gone well, and she’d love the job at the Golf Club. She was surprised at Matt’s silence during the interview, and both she and Pat laugh about it. At last Kathy feels able to move on with her life.
  • Lynda oozes concern and interest as Roy tells her that Abbie will be home next week. He assures her that he has no issues over Will renting his house to Brenda and Tom.
  • Far from oozing concern over Will’s predicament, Lynda weighs in. She virtually accuses him of having poisoned the Kite, and assures him that she will be keeping a very close eye on his activities.
  • Will goes to see Clarrie for some sympathy. He can’t face the Bull, where everyone’s talking about him. What hurt him most was the police asking whether he lived alone. He feels that the split from Nic is all part of the big picture. Clarrie makes soothing noises, but can do little to reassure her son.

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