Matt is the bringer of good news. Will continues to protest his innocence.

Radio Times: Paranoia kicks in on the Estate.

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  • Matt calls David and Adam to a meeting. He says that the board of Borchester Land wouldn’t countenance the idea of buying in to the biodigester scheme, which does little to improve Adam’s surly mood. But then Matt springs a surprise – he did, eventually, manage to bring them round to the idea, and they’re up for a 40% share, as long as they can have two members on the board.
  • Tom gives Will a hand with the pens before they go to view 1 The Green. He mentions that Will’s brush with the law was hot gossip in the Bull, and Will is upset, especially when he learns that Jazzer said there’s no smoke without fire. Will is fairly sure it was rat poison; they have to use it near the feeding pens to control the vermin.
  • Brian asks Adam whether his financial advisor has said anything about the scheme to divide up Home Farm. Adam, still surly, says he hasn’t heard anything. Brian promised to let Adam know what the Borchester Land board have to say regarding the biodigester.
  • Matt pays Will a visit at the pens. He’s convinced that Will did poison the Kite, and none of Will’s increasingly strong denials does anythiung to convince him. Matt says he’ll keep quiet, but advises Will not to let it happen again.

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