Phil looks at new worlds. Kathy looks to pastures new.

Radio Times: Kathy prepares for a change in direction.

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  • As Jill prepares a family meal for Phil’s 80th birthday, all he can think about is the new telescope. Even the quarter peal rung in his honour fails to get Phil’s full attention. He’s decided to spend the profits from the sale of his old telescope on an astronomical camera.
  • Since partners are not invited to the birthday meal. Pat and Kathy enjoy an evening together. Kathy tells Pat about her interview at the Golf Club on Friday, and Pat enthuses about her forthcoming trip to Stroud.
  • The Archer family enjoy their meal of Hassett Hills lamb, and tease one another about childhood escapades and long-forgotten boy- and girl-friends. Phil can’t wait to go outside and use his new toy, though the family don’t share his enthusiasm. Kenton has to summon up his skills in diplomacy to evade Elizabeth’s questions about Kathy wanting time off on Friday.
  • At last the telescope is set up, and Phil marvels at what it reveals. It makes everyday concerns seem very small in comparison.

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