Will has some unpleasant visitors. David questions Adam’s strength of character.

Radio Times: Will finds himself under scrutiny.

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  • Will gets a shock when the police and other heavies descend on him, with a warrant to search the shoot and Casa Nueva. A red Kite has been found on the land, and it’s been poisoned. As a protected species, this could mean big trouble for Will. He has to show them everything, even his gun cabinet and George’s bedroom, but they find nothing. Will is less than polite.
  • Ruth’s longing to get back to work and she gives David a hand with some electric fencing. She wants to start milking again, but David’s not so sure. But at least Phil’s new telescope has arrived in time for his birthday.
  • When Brian gets a call from Matt to say the police are searching the estate office, he’s furious, and takes it out on Will. Will insists he’s done nothing wrong. His records are up to date, and he has no illegal poisons. Brian’s satisfied, but his initial attitude makes Will feel it’s been a horrible day.
  • David is miffed about Adam’s 40% offer to Matt. Ruth thinks it might be good to have Matt as their attack dog, though she’d quite like the role herself. David wonders whether Matt saw Adam as the weak link.

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