Tom begins to feel the pressure. Matt begins to exert pressure.

Radio Times: Roy’s loss is Brenda’s gain.

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  • Tom’s annoyed when Adam puts pressure on him to help sort lambs for the abattoir. Pat is indignant when she hears, but Tom says he’s in a difficult position because Brian bailed him out financially, and they rent one of his cottages.
  • Pat’s off to Stroud to learn about transition networks. Tony’s pleased to see her interest and commitment.
  • Matt tells Adam that Borchester Land will only agree to a share in the biodigester scheme if they can have a 50% stake. Adam refuses, but eventually, and very grudgingly, offers 40%. Matt suggests that Borchester Land might buy its own digester if Adam and co don’t play ball.
  • Tom wants Brenda to come and look at 1 The Green. Renting it from Will might mean that he was not so indebted to Brian. Brenda’s reluctant, after the fall-out between Will and Roy, but both Tom and Pat think it’s a good idea.

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