The panto goes down a storm and Debbie and Simon make up.

Radio Times: Brian leads the booing and hissing.

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  • A surprisingly fun-filled evening at the panto and in a specially extended edition we get the full effect of Lynda’s production. Jack’s dame goes down a treat again, Hayley’s Maid Marian is a revelation as we hear her very good singing voice. Tony’s not convinced about the plug for Howard Friend and Robert’s lack of singing is a great plot line. Simon’s baddie is apt and Brian is especially keen to boo him enthusiastically!
  • More entertainment arrives as Alice sullenly locks herself in the toilet and won’t come out. She and Christopher Carter were the Babes and, when hiding in the wood, he tried to hold her hand and she was shocked! Debbie was surprised and, more so, it was Simon that saved the day and Debbie relents to go to Christmas dinner at home after all.