Last minute panto worries and Roy and Hayley seem to be getting closer.

Radio Times: Debbie is still icy.

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  • Hayley’s helping Roy decorate the tree and Phoebe is loving it. She’s even bought the pair of them some gifts and the three of them are getting on well – they’ll even have a late Christmas dinner á trois at the flat so Hayley can see Phoebe open her gift!
  • Robert’s teaching Bert how to get the special effects to work using his computer – Bert’s in charge for the panto – only hi-tech is leaving Bert a little confused. Lynda, though, interrupts wanting to use the computer to access the net to search for jokes for Babes in the Wood. Her searches are anything but fruitless, only probably not the babe-related material she was hoping for ….
  • Simon and Debbie are ice-skating and getting on very well, only then Christmas Day is mentioned and she’s suddenly not very happy at all – even threatening to let him go to Home Farm on his own! They take their rowing to the panto dress rehearsal, which is having enough problems with Bert’s lack of prowess at the keyboard!