The pressure is telling at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Jill is getting anxious and Kenton finds his creative spark.

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  • Kenton is keen to be helpful and eventually persuades Elizabeth to let him take the children to school. He offers to help David too but his younger brother will have none of it; it’s all under control.
  • So Kenton takes his helpfulness to The Bull, where he and Jolene are planning the Farmhouse Breakfast event. Conscious that he messed up with Jamie, he wants people to know that he can be relied upon.
  • In the wedding planning HQ, David is quietly being driven mad. Lewis offers to help but again David accepts very little; he is particularly uncomfortable about being the MC but again turns down Lewis’s offer to take that on. Isn’t he is being independent to the point of stupidity?
  • As they pore over the advertising copy for the Farmhouse Breakfasts, Kenton explains that helping Jolene helps him to keep busy, otherwise he starts thinking about Nigel; at Lower Loxley it is all around him and at Jaxx he has to be the boss but at The Bull there is no pressure; it’s a good place to be. Jolene assures him he is welcome.
  • Returning from the solicitor, Elizabeth explains to Jill how the estate trust works. Kenton invites Elizabeth and the children to The Bull Breakfast event on Sunday. Jill insists that Elizabeth should not go full steam back into the Lower Loxley business. She suggests bringing in a manager for a while but Elizabeth won’t hear of it: she and Nigel have always been hands-on owners and that’s the way it is going to stay. Another excessively independent Archer!

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