Vicky seems bent on making Brenda’s party a nightmare.

Radio Times: Vicky is game for a laugh and Pip makes a difficult visit.

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  • Oops! A careless moment with the tractor, and Ruth has left David with a welding job. Meanwhile she and Pip are visiting Lower Loxley – Pip driving.
  • Tom has given Helen a lift to the Transitional Baby Unit and stays to see his nephew. He fills Helen in on Joe’s latest get rich quick scheme – planting mistletoe on people’s trees. Look who’s here! Helen couldn’t keep Vicky away any longer. Vicky confesses to feeling broody and she is convinced that Brenda will be too.
  • At Lower Loxley, while Ruth talks to the children, Pip offers to take the twins to a film or to Brookfield for a change of scene. She would also like to help out at Lower Loxley but Elizabeth persuades her that her own exams should come first; she should concentrate on them, though Elizabeth appreciates the thought.
  • Vicky pauses her cooing over baby Henry to talk to Tom about games for Brenda’s party; he argues against the idea and she give in but is still bent on putting up memories of Brenda on the walls around the room. Brenda is not going to like this – and if Vicky goes on to her about having babies, she will like that even less.
  • At Brookfield Ruth is preparing a culinary masterpiece – quiche and chips. David and Pip each voice the hope that it is one of Jill’s but alas, no, it’s from the supermarket. There is a busy week ahead including the NFU AGM, when David takes over as Chairman. Ruth and Pip report back from the visit to Lower Loxley: it’s heartbreaking; there’s a great gap where Nigel should be; they have a long road ahead.

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