The PYO basks in the popularity of Hayley’s story and Helen (finally) gives her support to her brother.

Radio Times: Where is the “strawberry princess”?

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  • Neil’s unamused – the radio item was eventually almost totally dedicated to Hayley’s story, with his facts and nutritional information sidelined. Mike doesn’t mind, everyone’s talking about the “strawberry princess”, so much so that he goes off to Nightingale Farm to get her – and her grandparents are going to come along and have their photo taken by the Echo! All good publicity, in Mike’s eyes.
  • In the cricket, Ambridge are struggling in the field when Alistair is paged and has to leave Sid in charge. An intriguing tactically decision, to bring on Neil to bowl (he’s not had a good season so far) pays off. They still lose, but go down fighting and Sid is trying to play up his rôle as the master strategist!
  • Helen’s back from her weekend away, still glowing from her prize and her newly restored faith in her parents. She and Tommy engage in light banter (as opposed to the out-and-out bickering of recent weeks), while Pat and Tony are at Peggy’s, doubtlessly talking about Tommy and the imminent news of his future. Helen says she admires Tommy’s stand and hopes that he gets everything that he wants from the court case.