Hayley “hi-jacks” the radio interview and her proud parents celebrate Helen’s acheivements.

Radio Times: Helen is much prized.

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  • Hayley’s lending Tony a hand packing a picnic basket before helping Tommy with the pigs – all the while feeling a little guilty because she’s meant to be off sick!
  • Tony’s packing the picnic because he and Pat are off to see Helen pick up her award. Helen’s is thrilled when she finds out that her parents were there for her – and is chuffed to hear the genuine pride they have in her award.
  • Tommy and Hayley are dropping the pigs round to Willow Farm for the kiddie’s petting area at the Strawberries, where they find Neil being interviewed by the same journalist who interviewed Brian last week. Neil suffers a little stage fright, and to get so colour and vocal range Hayley is asked a few questions and related how her grandparents met while strawberry picking in the Vale of Evesham. It’s a great tale and Neil’s worried that his “interesting facts” might be cut, but all Mike’s worried about is the large plug they can expect. We spend the whole piece expecting the reporter to talk to Tommy who’s lurking around in the background – but no.