The summing up is over and the arguing is done and Grange Farm’s artist is a sellout success!

Radio Times: The summing-up.

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  • Eddie’s trying to get Poppy to “sign” a copy of the Echo were her picture in it, although she’s playing the temperamental artist and, as a visiting Brian pointed out, he thought that was meant to hit the fan. He was round to ask Eddie if he’d be interesting in bringing his ferrets round to have a go at some rabbits in one of his fields that’s too close to one of the covers to use a shotgun (lest it disturb the birds). In between be bated over his non-arrest at the weekend, Brian leaves some dog food for William’s trainee dog. Later, Eddie reports that not only has he paid off the loan shark, but all of Poppy’s pictures in the gallery have been sold!
  • Marjorie’s given a glowing character reference to the court – Tony didn’t recognise the description – and has had even better news. A charity called Impact will be performing her cataracts operation in just 10 days time! She’s delighted with the news and the prospect of a much shorter wait than the NHS.
  • The summing up begins with an unsurprisingly harsh summary from the prosecution barrister. She’s pulling no punches, while underlining the potential benefits of GMOs she’s describing Tommy using words like naive, selfish, wanton destruction, furtive, sordid and indifferent. Refuting the image of selfless guardian of the environment and trying to convince the jury that he’d joined in the violent attack for fashion, not long-held views.
  • The defence are concerned that at least a few members of the jury are taken in by the prosecution summary, but Manderson’s summing up is as postive and glowing as the prosecution’s was negative and harsh. He paints a portrait of a young farmer growing up on an organic farm long before organic food was the commonplace item it is today, someone who saw his life, his parents’ beliefs and the whole environment threatened by a farmer and a company who refused to really listen to the community’s concerns. Maybe he’s wiser than everyone else for seeing the dangers so clearly?
  • After a long week, Tommy’s parents are glad that it’s nearly over …. or has the whole ordeal only just started?
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