Tommy’s on tenterhooks and (another) disaster at Grange Farm

Radio Times: There are fireworks at Grange Farm.

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  • Tommy’s moping around the place, wishing that the weekend would finish so as to be able to get back into court to hear the judge’s summing up and have a little more idea of where’s his future is heading. Helen’s trying to get him out of the house and occupied and suggest he find Neil to talk about the pigs.
  • Neil’s with Eddie sorting out the pile of rubbish that is to become the village bonfire, Tommy’s rocks up and Eddie’s leaves to sort out some possible wood at Grange Farm which they can come up to collect later. Tommy asks Neil if he’d be able to provide more weaners to cover his expansion to meet the organic supermarket’s orders, bit cautious Neil isn’t sure.
  • Nigel and Julia have bought a huge, old-fashioned pram for the twins. Lizzie loves the idea, but isn’t so convinced about the practicalities. She’s starting to go mad with boredom at not being allowed to do anything.
  • Lynda and Hayley are going through the backdrops for previous year’s panto to try and salvage what they can for this year’s. Unfortunately Helen’s whiting one out, one which Jill had been hoping to use for tonight’s Hallowe’en Party. Jill’s a little unhappy, and even before then she was going to try to avoid being roped in by Lynda for a role in the panto. Her excuse, that they’re planning to induce Lizzie a few weeks before Christmas, does seem like a cast-iron reason!
  • Neil and Tommy are up at Grange Farm and are sorting things out with Eddie when there’s a loud explosion in the turkey shed, where only moments before Edward and Christopher had been “mucking about”. Carnage. It looks like some fireworks and a whole load of dead birds. The boys have scarpered, Neil’s furious and Eddie’s is just depressed at their last hope of any sort of Christmas gone up in smoke.
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