The Titcombes begin their marriage and David plans to rescue his.

Radio Times: David gets a lesson in romance.

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  • It’s the day of the Titcombes’ wedding and Nigel has escaped the noise of the assembled throng. He finds David who, by his own admission, is not at his most sociable. Ruth didn’t come but David had not asked why. He tells Nigel about his evening and his row with Ruth. Through telling it, he does at least come to the admission that he was a bit insensitive. Nigel can see Ruth’s problem and suggests a loving gesture: Ruth would appreciate time on their own – a night in together with wine, flowers and a DVD. Nigel and Lizzie will have the children – on Friday – so David can keep it a secret. What would be a good choice of film; certainly not an action movie; David will ponder on that.
  • Jennifer has achieved two things today: persuaded Adam to stop work long enough for lunch and arranged for three builders to come and estimate for repairs to their water-damaged cottage. Adam has taken Debbie at her word and arranged for some cover this week, to spend time with Ian.
  • Having packed the Titcombes off to Buxton for their honeymoon, Nigel is looking forward to some peace and quiet – but not before he has stopped the younger guests from playing football on the croquet lawn.

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