Ruth is in clover working with Sam. Eddie enjoys seeing Ed working so well with the cows.

Radio Times: Roy and Hayley cross their fingers.

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  • Hayley and Roy are house hunting and are heading for a house in Loxley Barratt; if it is right for them, Hayley could walk to work.
  • Sam and Ruth are in clover. Ruth explains that the clover survey is good therapy; it is certainly not as boring as an evening with Sophie’s mother. The soul of tact, she had confided to Ruth that her biggest regret was that her darling Sophie didn’t marry David. Sam listened sympathetically to the rest of Ruth’s account of her night out from hell. He shares with Ruth the news that Kirsty is not staying over as often, to give themselves a bit of space.
  • Since Joe is not at Grange Farm today, Eddie drops by, ostensibly to provide a bit of moral support for Ed who has to administer another injection to the ailing cow. He manages it well; Eddie is impressed.
  • Hayley and Roy quickly conclude that the house is too gloomy – not right at all. They might be needing accommodation for more than three: Hayley is a couple of days late but she is not thinking about it yet – not much!
  • There is another reason for Eddie’s visit – avoiding Clarrie over the £5 – although he claims to have had another idea to make money for the church. Seeing Ed working at Grange Farm is good: Eddie had always pictured him working with the cows, unlike William. He has a lot to learn, foot trimming for example, and should be taught properly, maybe by Sam Batton. He will need a good knife; Eddie feels he has it in him to be twice the stockman that he was and he would like to get him the knife. Thanks Dad!

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