The twins’ grand-mothers are taking different rôles and Eddie’s reaching the end of the line.

Radio Times: Eddie tests the opposition.

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  • Lizzie and Nigel are off to the hospital so she can see the cardiologist, only they’re having trouble leaving the twins with their grandmothers. When they finally leave strains start to appear in the Jill-Julia axis as when Jill suggests that the place needs tidying up, Julia offers to give the sleeping twins some air around the grounds to keep them from getting in her way!
  • The check-up went well and Lizzie and Nigel are desperate to return to their children, returning to find Jill in control and Julia, if not helping but supervising and her favouritism is blatant – Gerald’s grand-son is the apple of her eye and she’s not sure that she wants him wearing a pink babygro ….
  • Eddie’s spent the day on the phone trying to contact someone at Borchester Mills. He’s being given the run around a little, but he finds success after taking Joe’s advice and waiting until after lunchtime. No progress though. Their letter has been received, but no answer yet – which is all Eddie wanted. Joe admits his pride in the way Eddie behaved on the phone – no anger or defensiveness, just polite insistence that all they want is an answer – and definitely no grovelling. Eddie’s worry floods out though and he can’t see any way out if the decision goes against them. In a potent moment, Joe tries to console his son, being adamant that it’s not Eddie’s fault, nor is he in the situation on his own. He’s fought before and, this time, they’ll fight the world together.