The pigs cause problems for Neil and Marjorie helps Hayley to make up her mind.

Radio Times: Debbie is on night operations.

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  • A tired Debbie is just getting to bed when Simon’s getting up – lambing is taking it’s toll, but it’s not forever, it’ll be over soon.
  • Neil’s still having problems with the pigs – more sows with small litters and his attempts to rig up a radio to deter the possible fox have only served to annoy Mike, what with Willow Farm being so close! The pigs just cause more problems when he tells Susan about the job offer from Phil to work full-time at Brookfield. Susan really doesn’t want him to take it but she knows there’s nothing she can do.
  • Marjorie, astute as she is, asks Hayley what’s happened to the sparky, cheery person we all love. She doesn’t even need to say, Marjorie realises it’s over Roy. Hayley tells that she was worried that she didn’t even consider that it was John’s birthday when she kissed Roy on New Year’s Eve. She’s obviously smitten with him (which doesn’t displease Marjorie) and wants to just go hug him and tell him, so Marjorie asks why doesn’t she and wishes her luck!