Neil’s fox problem is sorted – but Eddie’s are not so easily polished off.

Radio Times: It’s a busy night in Ambridge.

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  • Another late night in the Home Farm lambing sheds as Debbie takes over from Neil. Simon’s is starting to wonder whether he’ll ever get to see her when she’s not tired, probably not as she’d rather see Phoebe when she is awake!
  • David and Neil spend the evening waiting, gun in hand, for the fox that Neil suspects is raiding the pig litters for food. Greg’s lent him a strange squeaker that, allegedly, sounds like a stoat taking a rabbit, but which takes a little practice to not sound like a balloon-blower party toy! After a few hours in the dark and cold and a few different spot, their patience is rewarded as they spot the animal. The fox was already limping, possibly from another’s shot, which might explain why it was taking piglets and not chasing its normal prey. David manages to get a clean shot and the problem is, perhaps, sorted.
  • Jill and Lizzie have another interrupted night and Jill’s still being the experienced trooper we know her to be. She’s had plenty of practice and has no regrets about the sleepness nights with her four and tells Lizzie that she’ll have no regrets when looking back either.
  • Eddie arrives early for his shift at the Home Farm lambing sheds and when Simon arrives with tea, Debbie gets up from a nap in the caravan. Eddie couldn’t sleep for worrying about numbers – which is more than Simon does. As he dozes in the corner, Eddie’s envious that he can sleep without the weight of the world on his shoulders.