Love is in the air – for Hayley and Roy and for Sid and Jolene ….

Radio Times: Sid is invited in for coffee.

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  • Marjorie, in the nicest possible way (is she capable of anything else?), basically tells Hayley to ring Roy and talk to him or she’ll do it for her! A very nervous, oppressed Hayley, practicing nonchalant greetings rings Willow Farm … only to get hold of Betty! Roy’s out but later Hayley tries again and their both glad to be speaking and they’re tip-toeing around the subject. Finally when the subject of meeting is raised, they both agree with unseemly haste … so, the big meeting … Wednesday afternoon …
  • An exhausted Eddie is in the shop buying his tea, Clarrie’s working a double shift at the dairy (it’s Pat’s birthday) and he’s scrimping to stretch his money as far as it’ll go.
  • Sid and Jolene meet at the gym, but had their session curtailed by it being so busy. Sid’s giving her a lift home, but when he also gives her a necklace as a Christmas present (one she was admiring before Christmas) she invites him in for coffee. Only when they get inside, she puts the necklace and a new blouse on rather than the kettle. Neither of them seem too worried about the lack of coffee ….