Sid’s feeling guilty and Julia’s child-rearing is starting to be suspect.

Radio Times: Lewis is a soothing influence.

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  • Julia and Lewis are wandering the grounds with her grand-children, she very graciously concedes that Jill’s been help in the last week or so, but when Lewis shows a deft touch in quietening a grizzling Lily (skills acquired with his own daughter) she’s a little reticent to pass on her tips. We’re getting the distinct impression that Julia wasn’t a very hands-on carer with her own children …
  • Kathy’s getting a little fed up with Sid not being around – although he’s got plenty of traffic related excuses for his tardiness. He quickly gets back into her good books – a present of a new watch (he claims he realised that the leopard skin hat wasn’t appreciated and that this was better – but the unasked question is how successful has the Bull become that he can afford to buy both his women jewellry?)
  • One of Lower Loxley’s tenant farms is being auctioned, the farmhouse and 10 acres being sold in one lot and the remainder being divided amongst neighbouring buyers – presumably none of the Ambridge farmers as we didn’t hear mention of them while the auction was in progress in the Bull’s function room.
  • Siobhán visits Lizzie and the twins and is a little uncomfortable around them, trying to steer the conversation away, and is obviously envious of her friend.
  • Lewis and Sid talk about Awkright Hall – Sid and Polly lived there about 30 years ago and Lewis is looking for clues as to how to recapture its Victorian splendour.