The ultimate sacrifice.

Radio Times: The ultimate sacrifice.

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  • Neil’s not too impressed with only being given work in the Home Farm lambing sheds (at an unskilled rate, too), but beggars can’t be choosers and he has no choice but to accept. Brian wasn’t prepared to go any higher, after all, everyone in the farming game is struggling at the moment – which is why he’s leaving Debbie and Neil (and a helpful William) to deal with the lambing while he goes to a farming conference in Oxford.
  • Clarrie, who’s taking wet washing with her to work at the dairy so as to borrow Pat’s machine, is at the end of her tether and gives Eddie an ultimatum – get a new machine installed by the end of the week or she’ll sell his beloved Capri!
  • David’s been at a stock and equipment sale at a farm that gone under. He gets 10 in-calf heffers, so their milk quota should be filled by the spring, but, much to Phil’s chagrin, he also buys a replacement fertiliser spreader. Phil is furious that he’s spending money. He heads off under a cloud and Jill (who’s taken Daniel to the GP – yesterday’s performance was just a small flare-up and is over now) tells David that it’s so hard to be in the middle and that they have to solve the problems over the financial strategy.