The wanderers return.

Radio Times: The wanderers return.

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  • Thanks to problematic parentless children, Jill and Kathy meet on The Green. Jill’s ruing having told Daniel that his mother’s due back today (he’s been griping all morning – every five minutes since 6am) and Jamie’s feeling hard done by because Sid’s gone out running without him.
  • Shula and Alistair have had a fine old time (St Kitts having recovered from Hurricance Georges, it seems) and the jet lag might not sit so well with Daniel’s plans, but they’re glad (in the nicest possible way) that he hadn’t come with them, despite Shula having missed him terribly.
  • The Brookfield partners are planning to meet on Tuesday to discuss their money issues.
  • Neil’s been on the night shift at the Home Farm lambing so he’s feeling bad enough (still begrudging Mike the field work), compounded when he gets home to a house full of Emma and her loud-even-when-quiet teenage friends.