Pat saves the day.

Radio Times: Pat saves the day.

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  • Marjorie’s been to see Alistair’s stand-in, Mr Craig, about Portia who is getting on a bit and has had several tests done to try and see what exactly ails her. Like her owner in fact, as Hayley drops round to arrange giving her a lift into Borchester next week so she can get to her opticians appointment.
  • Clarrie takes Pat up on her offer of an advance on her wages to buy a new machine.
  • Hayley gets Pat to agree to look at an investment plan she and Tommy have for making sausages from the unpopular pork cuts. Pat agrees, but she wants to see a proper business plan as the sum they want, about £2,000 is not insignificant.
  • Phil and David are still walking on egg shells around each other, Phil telling David that appreciates the skill he’s got in running the farm as well as he does and David trying to convince his father that Ruth has more farming responsibilities than Jill so direct comparisons of the “in our day” variety are not fair. They agree that getting around a table is required – and soon.