A six figure sum.

Radio Times: A six figure sum.

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  • Lizzie and Nigel are attacking the bills, dividing them into red and non-red piles when Nigel spots a letter from the builders. A quote for the work. Neither of them particularly want to open it and both wish they hadn’t when it finally was. The builders want £97,000! They’ve a chap from the council visiting tomorrow, but the grants that he might be able to offer will be no larger than about 15k. As if to make matters worse Julia chooses this moment to decide that her new fountain pen isn’t the best equipment for writing bodice rippers and that the office computer would be far more appropriate. Only she can’t really use it properly and Nigel and Lizzie’s top-level meeting about finances gets pushed to second place behind Evangeline, Passion’s Plaything.
  • It’s all too much for Lizzie who storms off to Brookfield where she finds her mother who’s exasperated at the continuing atmosphere between David and Phil.
  • Lynda’s panto review appears in the Echo, almost a rave review – for the backstage crew anyway. Phil receives an honourary mention for his music and the front of house for general heroism in the face of flooding. but no performer is worthy of note!
  • David tries to apologise for flying off the handle, but it does little good because as soon as Phil brings up the subject of economising – especially when he asks if David and Ruth need two cars – David just explodes, accusing his father of not listening to any point of view that isn’t his own.