Mike’s monopoly

Radio Times: Mike’s monopoly

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  • Clarrie’s been to the school and takes the opportunity to give the four men of the house several bullets. Apparently the cushion covers that Edward sold to William, who sold them to Eddie who sold them to Caroline, Ruth and, abortively, Jennifer, were stolen from a craft display and she is absolutely livid with all of them (despite know of them realising the felonious beginnings of their stock). As a parting gesture Clarrie demands that Eddie give up with his excuses and to have a new washing machine installed by this evening.
  • Pat’s not able to offer Neil any casual work (what with Mike having grabbed the plum jobs at Home Farm), although she does admit that Tommy and Hayley owe him a debt of gratitude for his help with the pigs and that she’d let him know if anything does come up. She does, though, offer Clarrie an advance on her wages if she needed to find some money herself to sort out her washer troubles.
  • Eddie’s contacts were, couldn’t you have guessed, a little rusty and fell through but, luckily, he was moaning about this while propping up the bar in the Bull and Sid mentioned that he’d got an old twin tub in the shed. This was enough for Eddie and he returned home triumphant, interrupting Joe and Eddie lugging an old rusty, cast-iron mangle (it was Susan’s and, as Joe pointed out, if it was good enough for her it’ll be good enough for Clarrie). Clarrie, though, wasn’t as enamoured with the prospect of a twin tub and expelled it to she-didn’t-care-where (as long as it wasn’t her kitchen).