The Worm of Ambridge could be Bertie the boa-constrictor whose glamorous owner is looking for him.

Radio Times: Ambridge gets a touch of glamour.

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  • Nic’s mum is babysitting, so she and Will have a little time together in Borchester. Will is not keen to spend it talking about his family and he is not delighted to run into Jolene.
  • In The Bull, Robert is fed up with being nice to B&B guests; how does Sid manage it? He reports on the recent experience with the Americans and when Jolene returns with news of meeting William, Joe declares that although he is fine with it, Clarrie has a real bee in her bonnet. All this is forgotten when Scarlet enters the pub looking for her Bertie; the men all sit up and take notice; Jolene is not impressed.
  • Nic tells William that her children’s father, Andrew, will have them on Thursday so that she can help Will make a bit of an effort over tea with his parents.
  • All becomes clear: Bertie is a missing boa-constrictor and Scarlet is a burlesque dancer who uses him in her act – until he went missing recently; she has heard about the Worm of Ambridge. Robert reports that the man who left Grey Gables without paying, left a snake magazine in his room. She will offer a substantial reward and Robert will be happy to help her print some posters about the missing snake; he would be only too pleased to offer accommodation if he had a vacancy, so he suggests Grey Gables. Jolene is still not impressed but Joe puts it down to not liking the competition.

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