There is a new twist to Eddie’s bookmaking activities

Radio Times: Joe defends Pa Larkin.

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  • Alistair has called at Lower Loxley to look at a bullock but Eddie has called for a look at Nigel’s new model car and to drop a few disparaging remarks about Death Wish. It is Julia’s birthday and Eddie is indelicate enough to ask how old she is.
  • Jill delivers drinks to the workers to learn that the combining should be all finished by 6 o’clock. Her morning has been spent repairing the shower curtain at Rickyard Cottage; the guests, who have done nothing but complain since they arrived, had pulled it off the wall. By contrast the bungalow tenants are very nice. Joe comes looking for Bert to take him to task for besmirching the name of his brother-in-law, by which he means his daughter-in-law’s father. Bert didn’t think Clarrie minded him writing a poem about Jethro Larkin’s teeth.
  • Nigel’s driving skills need honing; he always come to grief at the same spot. However he is confident he can beat David and Sid. How confident is he that he can beat Death Wish? Even without seeing the car he is prepared to chance £10. Jill arrives with a pudding for Julia’s birthday dinner; Julia is not best pleased that Jill knows, but she didn’t, that Nigel has offered working accommodation at Lower Loxley for the falconer Jessica, in a deal that includes her running courses there.
  • The harvesters are quenching their thirst with a well-earned pint at The Bull and David apologises to Bert for being inexcusably rude earlier about his poetry. The fact is, Bert is the only person in Ambridge who finds false teeth funny. When Joe has another go at him about Jethro, he announces that he has scrapped the idea in favour of one about Freda’s teeth, which is a much funnier tale. Eddie tries for another bet on the car race but it does not go to plan: David offers a £20 bet that Death Wish will not win.

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