There’s a chilly atmosphere at the Brookfield bonfire. Brenda tries to cheer Helen up.

Radio Times: Ruth’s hopes for reconciliation go up in smoke.

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  • David and the boys light the bonfire, to the boys’ delight. Pip stays in the kitchen to help Ruth, but is not fooled by David’s attempts to gloss over current troubles. Fortunately, the arrival of Alan and Usha cheers her up. David continues to make spiteful remarks to and about Ruth.
  • While she’s waiting for Tom, Brenda talks to Pat about Helen. She’s not eating and won’t talk about Ross. Brenda offers to try, but has no luck. Helen is so hurt by what Ross said that she can’t face going out. All Pat can do is make a determined effort to protect Helen from another bout of depression and Anorexia.
  • Phil wants Pip to sing a solo at the Carol Service, and despite her protests, Pip is delighted to be asked. Alan makes conversation by asking about Christmas plans in the Archer family, but soon picks up on the tensions.
  • The guests leave the bonfire as soon as they decently can. David is cold towards Usha and Alan, who are horrified at what they saw. Usha says she must talk to David. Be careful, warns Alan.

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