Usha proves her friendship by getting David to talk and to see another perspective.

Radio Times: Usha steps into the breach.

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  • Ruth and the children are out, so David is quite surprised to find that Usha has called specifically to see him. She is concerned about him – and Ruth. He should not bottle up his problems; she is a good listener. David’s initial reaction is that this is an offer he can refuse.
  • Over a coffee some of the bitterness, shame and humiliation comes out. David does not think he can keep the lid on the gossip for long – but Usha knows all about village gossip. The worst thing, for David, is that part of Ruth still belongs to Sam; they were always easy in each other’s company. At least Usha is able to convince him that Ruth and Sam did not sleep together – but she wanted to; she loved him.
  • David wondered how long it would be before the conversation turned to Sophie. Although adamant that he was not in love with her, he does admit to infatuation and that he always took Sophie’s side. But Ruth was hurt and humiliated by his behaviour – in public too. What he subjected her to was cruel; any woman would have felt inadequate and rejected; she needed to hear him say that he loved her.
  • Ruth had convinced herself that David was having an affair and when she was at her most vulnerable, who was waiting in the wings but Sam. Although flattered by her attention, David had told Sophie that he was not interested in an affair because he loved Ruth. But that is exactly what Ruth told Sam; she turned her back on him because David was too precious to her.
  • Usha is convinced that David does not really want meltdown and Ruth is desperate for forgiveness. David cannot force it; it is so painful. But there is hope.

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