Wedding preparations go ahead with Jennifer and Lilian’s support and Brian’s continued opposition.

Radio Times: Brian stands his ground.

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  • With all the wedding preparations, how is Ian to live up with Bert’s expectations for illuminating the cottage; Lilian offers to help. His biggest worry is finding a suitable reading; Lilian suggests that Jennifer could help. It would be silly to have two Stag Nights – and Lilian may rest assured, she is invited. She is disappointed to learn that Ian’s father shows no sign of coming round.
  • Peggy is at Home Farm when David delivers the beef and notices that he seemed pre-occupied. She is hopeful to see Kate – but not at the wedding: it would be “too much for Jack”.
  • Mending deer fences, Brian makes no attempt to sound interested as Adam reports on his honeymoon plans; inwardly he is cringing. He makes his excuses for the Stag Night, only to learn that he wasn’t invited anyway.
  • At Bridge Farm, Peggy hears from Tony why Helen looks so pale. Rather than clubbing with Brenda and Kirsty, why doesn’t she go to the Young Farmers?
  • Jennifer has found the perfect poem for Ian; he is delighted. Brian comes in as Ian leaves and stands his ground: he will not be there to see his stepson kissing another man in public. He is worried about the implications for the future of the farm. He will not be there and that’s final.

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