Tom and Eddie both have business deals go sour.

Radio Times: Tom is forced to go back to the drawing board.

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  • Good news from Will – Nic has passed the theory part of her driving test.
  • Tom is still looking for Harry; Eddie hasn’t seen him. Matt rings with bad news – the deal is off; circumstances have changed and he has had to make some difficult decisions.
  • Clarrie is puzzled by a message from Jazzer – about some money; Joe pleads ignorance.
  • Tom has followed up Matt’s call with a visit; he simply cannot believe the change of tune. Matt calmly returns all his figures but there is nothing forthcoming in the way of an explanation. Their partnership would not now be appropriate.
  • Eddie’s meal is not improved by the constant questioning from Clarrie. Eddie and Joe weren’t certain what language the wrapper is in, so they asked the waitress at Jaxx who recognised some of the words; she was highly amused – it is a mild laxative. Clarrie thinks Eddie is lucky that Jazzer’s intended girl-friend isn’t going to make a complaint; the chocolate must go back to Fat Paul – or be dumped. And Eddie must buy back all that he is sold; that won’t take long – he only sold one other bar. Poor Mr Pullen!
  • Tom explains the changed situation to Brenda, who pleads ignorance and guilt – for having suggested Matt in the first place but gives no hint that she knows why Matt had been so cooperative.

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